Soma is one of the most prescribed drugs that are used to eliminate muscle spasms. Soma helps patients to quickly get rid of pain symptoms and increased muscle tone of the locomotor apparatus.


Soma is a centrally-acting muscle relaxant. Its active ingredient Carisoprodol directly affects parts of the central nervous system that are responsible for the muscle toneregulation.

As Carisoprodol is ingested, it converts into an active Meprobamatemetabolite, which possesses anxiolytic and sedative properties.


A distinctive feature of Soma from other muscle relaxants lies in an indirect action over the skeletal muscles. Muscle relaxation of the musculoskeletal system is carried out thanks to the sedative action of Soma. When patients take the drug,his functional neuromuscular transmissionrecovers, which facilitates muscle relaxation.


Soma has no direct therapeutic action for muscle spasmselimination. Relaxation of muscles under the influence of this muscle relaxant makes it possible to carry out other remedial measures to address the increased muscle tone: manual therapy, exercise therapy, massage, etc.


After applying the muscle relaxant Soma, patient retains almost complete mobility and can independently maintain his body in an upright position.


Soma meets all the specifications, required for effective centrally acting muscle relaxants:


  • it provides a blockade of neuromuscular transmission;
  • quickly and effectively reduces the excitability of muscle tissue;
  • it does not suppress nerve impulses that provide muscular strength while moving;
  • itis well tolerated, does not interfere with the patient’s activity and working ability.


The maximum therapeutic effect develops in 1.5-2 hours after the intake of a single muscle relaxantdose. Muscle relaxing effect starts gradually reducing in 4-6 hours after Soma administration.


Recommendations for the most effective use of Soma:


  • if the patient has weak muscle spasms, he does not feel serious pain and retains full mobility, he doesn’t require Soma;
  • the first dose of this muscle relaxant should be taken in the presence of a medical professional, since complications are possible in the first use of Soma;
  • Soma should be used as a part of a comprehensive therapy, used for eliminating the increased muscle tone.


To reduce the tone of skeletal muscles, the single Soma dose may be 250-350 mg. During the day, patients should take this muscle relaxant four times (including the intake at bedtime). The duration of the drug use does not usually exceed 2-3 weeks.


During the combined treatment of increased muscle tone, Somacontributes to:


  • reduction or complete elimination of muscular spasm;
  • reduction of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)dose or duration of use;
  • improvement of the non-drug treatment efficacy for spasms of skeletal muscles (including physiotherapy).


Soma can be used to relieve muscle spasms in patients aged 16 years to 65 years.

This muscle relaxant is contraindicatedin people with nervous system lesions and with hypersensitivity to its active ingredient Carisoprodol.


Benefits of Soma use for eliminating muscle cramps:


  • it can be used independently of the meals;
  • it does not inhibit respiration and the cardiovascular system function;
  • it relieves muscle spasms and pain symptomsin a short time.


Many years of clinical experience confirmed that Soma is a muscle relaxant that is ideal for the muscle spasms removal.

This drug in combination with massage and physical therapy allows getting rid of high skeletal musclestone within a very short time.