Ambien is brand name of hypnotic drug Zolpidem, which belongs to new-generation sleeping pills with a short duration of action. Ambien has a high safety profile, lower toxicity and good tolerability both in adults and elderly patients.


The action of the drug is based on the selective interaction with type 1 benzodiazepine receptors (omega 1).

Through affecting the activity of this receptor, Zolpidem helps:


  • improve sleep quality;
  • reducethe time of sleep onset;
  • increase the total sleep duration;
  • reduce the number of nighttime awakenings;


One of the main Ambien advantages is the absence of sedation next day after application. Due to the short half-life and optimal duration of hypnotic effect, Ambien is considered one of the best soporific drugs in the international market.


Clinical studies have demonstrated that Ambien provides good-quality sleep for 5-7 hours and at the same time:


  • has no hypnotic aftereffect the following morning;
  • does not reduce concentration and focus during the day.


This feature ofAmbien provides the possibility to prescribe sleeping pills without any misgivings to people, whose activities are directly related to driving a vehicle.


Ambien is also safe for people, engaged in intense mental work that requires attention to detail and a good memory (for example, an air traffic controller, a surgeon).


Indications for Ambien use include short-term treatment of situational, acute and chronic insomnia, characterized by sleep onset violation, frequent awakenings during the night and superficial sleep.


The manufacturer of Ambien hypnotic is Sanofi Company, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, engaged in the development and production of original medicines.


Ambien is supplied on the international market in two oral formulations with modified release of the active ingredient Zolpidem:


  • 5mg, 10 mg immediate-release tablets (Ambien);
  • 25mg, 12.5mg extended-release tablets (Ambien CR);


It should be noted that the immediate-release Ambien tablets can be used when the process of sleep onset is disturbed and it takes long for the patient to fall asleep.


Extended-release tablets Ambien CR will be most effective if sleep disorders are characterized by difficulty in falling asleep, superficial sleep, and frequent nocturnal awakenings.


Ambien trials indicate that this hypnotic


  • has the least influence on the patient’s respiratory function;
  • does not reduce the muscle tone of the upper respiratory tract and doesn’t cause respiratory depression.


Due to this, Ambien sleeping pill can be used in obese patients with sleep apnea syndrome and myasthenia gravis.


Using Ambien in recommended doses is considered safe and reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Note that the treatment of insomnia with Ambien should not exceed 4 weeks.


  • Sleeping pills are taken 1 time a day, just before bedtime. The usual adult dosage of Ambien is 10 mg per day (one Ambien CR 12.5mg tablet or one Ambien 10mg tablet).


  • The recommended daily dose of Ambien for elderly and fragile patients is 5 mg, which is equivalent to one Ambien CR 6.25mg tablet or one Ambien 5mg tablet.


It should be understood that Adderall the frequency of side effects depends on the dose administered.

So, if you wish to have a comfortable treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders, you must adhere to the recommended dosage regimen.


A number of studies have shown that using Ambien in 4-week courses for a period of 12 months doesn’t generate a need for increasing the daily dose of these sleeping pills.


This indicates a low likelihood of developing tolerance and dependenceto Ambien, which can also be attributed to the benefits of this sleeping medicine.


The frequency of side effects depends on the patient’s age and individual characteristics.

Side effects of Ambien manifest more often in the elderly.


Common adverse effects include headaches, muscle weakness, allergic skin reactions, and increased fatigue.

In spite of these adverse effects, Ambien is one of the most effective and safest sleeping pills.