Abilify – Revolution in the Group of Antipsychotic Medications

Abilify is a doubtlessly effective medication in the group of antipsychotic drugs.

The active ingredient of the remedy, Aripiprazole, interfered with functioning of the brain chemicals. Changing their actions, the medication helps overcome multiple conditions caused by their imbalances, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and others.

The medication is not approved for use by children under 10 years old for manic depression treatment and the ones under 13 to improve the schizophrenia related complications.

Adults can administer Abilify in a combination with other pharmaceuticals to achieve a faster and better effect.

Additionally, the remedy can be taken for other purposes, not specified in the safety leaflet. Inform the medical specialist about the off-label Abilify course you want to start.

How Should a Patient Take Abilify to Witness the Desirable Effect?

This antipsychotic medication should be used directly as prescribed by the doctor, without any increase or decrease of the dose or duration of the therapy.

It is up to your healthcare provider to change the determined dose and other treatment peculiarities.

Frequent medical tests may be required in order to track the effectiveness of the recommended dose and its influence on other body functions. Generally, the remedy should be administered with or without food, preferably at the same time daily.

The dose will vary greatly, depending both on the treated condition and its severity. Moreover, it is inevitable to take into account other medical conditions the patient has and medications he/she is currently using. An average Abilify course does not last longer than 6 weeks.

Sudden stop of Abilify course can aggravate the condition and decrease the effectiveness of the drug. Regular medication intake is likely to result in top effects within the specified term.

Once you have missed a dose, you should administer it the first possible moment. However, skip it if the following scheduled dose should be used soon.

Abilify overdose can activate unwanted and devastating side effects.

Safety Instructions for 100% Safe Course: Contraindications, Warnings and Abilify Interactions with Other Drugs

Affecting health in a drastic manner, the treatment course should be obligatorily discussed with a medical specialist.

Patients, who are allergic to the composition of the drug, should eliminate its use, as well as those, who are pregnant or breastfeeding.Abilify is not advised for people, striving to treat diverse psychotic issues associated with dementia.

To make sure your health condition will not get worse during Abilify therapy, you need to warn the doctor about all the diseases, health dysfunctions and illnesses you have, including:

  • Swallowing disorders;
  • Abnormal blood pressure;
  • Kidney or liver impairment;
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • Seizures, convulsions, epilepsy;
  • Recent history of stroke or heart attack;
  • Diabetes;
  • Increased triglycerides or cholesterol range, etc.

Mild to Severe Side Effects Caused by Abilify Misuse

Similarly to other effective medications, Abilify can interact with various pharmaceutical products and supplements, stimulating unwanted reactions. Thus, inform your doctor about all the other treatments you are using.

Taking Abilify with other remedies you increase the risk of severe allergic reaction occurrence.

Seek emergency medical help if you have noticed the signs of serious abnormalities after Abilify use, especially:

  • Breathing disorders;
  • Increased blood sugarlevel;
  • Seizures;
  • Reactions of the central nervous system and others.